Dr. Siason launches presidential logo, tagline: Caring to Bridge, Bridging to Care

Dr. Siason launches presidential logo,

tagline: Caring to Bridge, Bridging to Care

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The symbolism.

The fishes in official ISCOF colors of yellow and blue represent the flagship program of the college, Bachelor of Science in Fisheries, awarded by CHED as a Center of Development. Yellow signifies hopes, aspirations, and a bright future, while blue signifies water and the promising sea. The logo in general is shaped like a heart, inclusive and indiscriminate of the men and women of ISCOF, and the community it serves. These caring men and women are in red, blue, yellow, and green, all official colors of the college, and each representing a campus among the system’s five. They are in different colors because of their diverse personalities and backgrounds, but linked as one by a black line that symbolizes the strong bond and loyalty among them, sharing the same mission and vision, and warmed by the same love for the institution, for the Ilonggo community, and for the whole nation. The words “Caring to Bridge and Bridging to Care” speak of BRIDGE- Building for Responsive Interventions for Dynamic Graduates through Education, in short building and nurturing instructional leaders who will then help students cross over from academic and skills training to actual Career Advancement and Readiness for Employment (CARE).

The story.

Guided by its mission to upgrade quality education, generate jobs, and alleviate poverty through excellent academic programs, ISCOF, under the presidency of Dr. Nordy Siason Jr., paves a more emphatic path to its mission of becoming a premiere academic institution in Southeast Asia: Caring to Bridge, Bridging to Care.

ISCOF will build and nurture instructional leaders who will in turn build and nurture their students as they cross over from the academe to the real world, contributing its share to the achievement of the International Sustainable Development Goals and the National and Regional Development Plans.

With Fortitude, Integrity, Scholarship, Humanity, Excellence, and Service, FISHES, as its core values, ISCOF cares to unite its stakeholders so as to better help the community it is mandated to serve. By inspiring each other to work as a team through hard but considerate work, the men and women of ISCOF see positive, cheerful collaboration as the means by which they can help bridge the gap between poverty and progress among their fellow Ilonggos.

Caring to Bridge and Bridging to Care also speaks of the special transitory phase ISCOF System is going through as it transitions from a state college to a state university with SUC President II Dr. Nordy Siason at the helm.

Concept by Dr. Nordy Siason, Art by Patrick Lance Nacion, and Story by Edmer Bernardo. May 2022.